What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is when someone attempts to bombard a target server with so many external communication requests that it floods the system and overloads it to such an extent that it can no longer function. This means that any content that is hosted on the website is unavailable for the duration of the attack. Put simply, it can be likened to everyone trying to withdraw their funds from a bank all at once. There are simply not enough resources to accommodate all the people at one time, because the expected usage is that not everyone will show up at once; and when they do, the system cannot cope.

DOSarrest info graphic for DDoS protection:

DOSarrest Benefits
– 24/7 manned SOC, available by email, chat and phone
– 24/7 network engineering team, available by email, chat and phone
– 24/7 15 minute emergency setup
– Industry leading customer portal with real-time stats and site management
– No long term contract required
– Multiple 10Gb/sec upstream connections at all locations
– Geographically dispersed traffic cleansing nodes
– Multi-10Gb/sec end to end multi-layer filtering at every node
– Web Application Firewall (WAF)
– Virtual Webservers
– Cloud based, Layer 7 capable load balancing(local and global), with health-checks
– “Resource Director”, direct content or applications to the servers you want
– Website caching, control every aspect of your website’s performance.
– Redundant systems in every way possible
– Vulnerability Testing and Optimization (VTO), A fully managed extra service.
– User Accounts, setup multiple user accounts with different permissions
– Custom reporting and programming